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    A home is a place where we feel safe and secure. It’s a place where we can relax after a long day of work, or raise our kids. In order to protect what matters most to us, it’s important that the locks on our doors are strong enough to keep intruders out.

    Whether you have an apartment or house, there are many types of residential locks that can be used for your front door and windows. Here are some of the most common types:



    A deadbolt lock generally comes in two parts: one part inside the door frame and another part outside the door frame which slides into position when locked by turning a key from either side. When locked properly, this type of lock will have a hard exterior and interior facing. This type of lock is recommended for your front door, as it is one of the most common locks used to secure homes.

    Deadbolts come in three varieties: single cylinder, double cylinder, and rim lock.


    Single Cylinder Deadbolt – A solid deadbolt that requires a key to be turned on the interior side in order to lock or unlock it from the outside. It can only be unlocked by turning a key from inside the home. This type of deadbolt is recommended and commonly used for front doors.


    Double Cylinder Deadbolt – Similar to a single cylinder deadbolt, except that this type allows turning the key from both the inside and outside to lock or unlock. This type of lock is recommended for doors that are used more frequently than others (such as garage entrances).


    Rim Lock – A rim lock has two parts: an inner part that is attached inside the entry door, and an outer part, which is connected to the door frame. A key is inserted into the outer rim of the lock in order to open or lock it, which then allows you to turn or remove the inner portion of the lock.


    Rim keyed locks, also known as mortise locks, have a removable core that is inserted into an opening at the edge of the door. They are typically installed by drilling holes through the door and attaching them to the frame with screws or bolts. These can either be keyed on both sides or just one side. They are often used for high-security doors where keys may not be readily available inside buildings, homes, or cars.


    Types of Deadbolt Locks:

    Cylinder Lock – The cylinder lock is a standard design that requires a key on either side or both sides to open up. These types of locks are less expensive, however, if a burglar has access to your keys, they can undo this style of lock quite easily.

    These locks are the most common type of locking system used for residences. They’re easy to install and come in both residential and commercial applications. With different levels of security, cylinder locks can be opened by a key on one side and a knob or lever on the other side. This type of lock is normally used on both internal and external doors.


    Tubular Lock – A tubular lock is similar to a cylinder lock in that it requires a key on both sides of the door to open up. The difference with this lock design is that the key will not turn, but rather push and pull the lock into place.

    These locks normally feature a small pin pad that contains the locking mechanism and the “cam”. When the key is inserted into the lock, it turns to allow for unlocking or lockdown.


    Keyless Entry Deadbolts

    These locks are much more advanced than a standard deadbolt, as they can even be unlocked with a numerical code. This type of lock usually requires an electronic key fob for entry and features a touchpad that will allow you to access your home by locking the door behind you as you leave.


    Smart Deadbolt Locks

    These locks are more advanced than a standard deadbolt lock. They allow you to use your smartphone or other electronic devices, such as an electronic key fob, to unlock or lock the door with ease.

    When it comes time to leave the house for work in the morning, simply take out your smartphone and automatically open the door without having to fumble around for your keys.


    Vertical Deadbolts

    These locks are commonly used for double-sided applications in which the key will need to be turned from both sides. Generally, they’re installed on doors that don’t open inwards or outwards too much and feature a thumb turn on each side of the lock for entry and exit.


    Pin Tumbler Lock – These types of locks are very common as they can be found on your front door as well as bedroom and bathroom windows. To open this style of lock, the key will need to be inserted and turned at the same time, which engages a cylinder inside the lock to allow for it to open.


    Slip Watch Pin Tumbler Lock – A slip watch pin tumbler lock is the same as a pin tumbler lock in that it requires a key on both sides of the door in order to open up. The difference is that this style type has fewer pins than your regular pin tumbler locks, which makes them easier to pick.


    Knob Locks


    Knob locks are quite common, however, they do not provide much security against burglars. The knob lock does not require a key in order to open the door; instead, it is opened with a knob. The knob twist will push back internal pins which lower the bolt down inside the door to unlock it. These types of locks are generally used on bedroom and bathroom windows. Brands that are usually found in homes are:

    • Yale cylinder locks (key in knob)
    • Kwikset cylinders (key in knob)
    • Schlage cylinders (key in knob)


    Furniture Locks

    These types of locks are used on furniture such as cabinets, desks, and file cabinets. The lock is installed from the inside of the piece and all you need to open it is a button or switch on the outside face which releases a spring-loaded bolt. Brands that can be found for this kind of locking system are:

    • LaGard spring-loaded bolts (button or switch to release bolt)
    • Falcon spring bolts (button or switch to release bolt)
    • Master lock furniture locks (button or key cylinder to release bolt)



    A padlock is a metal lock that can only be locked or unlocked by using a key. These are used for locking things like gates, padlock hasps, and heavy-duty storage containers. A typical padlock has a shackle that attaches to an eyelet via a swivel, allowing the owner to attach their own locking device to it. Most also come with at least one rubber sealing cap to keep out water and dirt.


    Professional Locksmith Tip:

    You have learned some of the more common residential locks, but there are many different kinds of locks for you to choose from at your local hardware store. A good rule of thumb when deciding if a lock is secure enough is by checking to see how far the bolt will extend once it is locked into place. If the bolt will extend one inch or less from the door, it is secure enough for your home.


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