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    Locks are an important factor that makes or breaks the security of any business. There are many factors that decide if the lock is effective or not, but one thing for sure is that you can’t go without a proper lock. This article will enlighten you about the top 20 most popular commercial locks on the market today.

    Looking to upgrade your commercial lock security? The following list provides a variety of locks available on today’s market. Each is sure to fit any need or preference you may have.


    Commercial Door Locks: Top 20 List


    1) Mul-T-Lock MT5+ Cylinder

    Mul-T-Lock offers a range of key control options. This is because it can be used with any type of key profile, including keys with plastic or metal shrouds. It also features disc tumblers that are extremely pick-resistant and easy to rekey. This locksmith key is designed to resist drilling and bumping. Plus, the Mul-T-Lock MT5+ commercial lock comes with a state-of-the-art anti-drill plate that contains boron carbide.

    The cam utilizes an extremely thick hard metal insert and the cylinder housing is filled with reinforced steel. The overall construction of the cylinder is what makes this commercial lock so secure.


    2) Medeco XT 6-Pin

    The Medeco XT 6-Pin commercial lock can be used in a variety of applications, but it is mainly used for extreme physical attacks. It comes with an extremely narrow keyway that only accepts specific keys. This means that gaining unauthorized access will be extremely difficult. The Medeco XT 6-Pin commercial lock also comes with anti-corrosive protection and an anti-friction device in the plug that is self-lubricating. These features increase performance and prevent damage in wet conditions.


    3) Corbin Russwin 7200 Series

    The Corbin Russwin 7200 Series commercial lock offers a high-security option for those who are looking to protect their assets. This commercial lock is Boston MA Locksmith approved and was created specifically as an extra measure of protection. It cannot be picked with standard picking devices as the keyway is cut at a different angle than most traditional keys used today.


    4) Fuhr USA 881 Stealth

    This commercial lock is highly resistant to prying and hammering. It has a very unique cylinder design that makes it several times stronger than standard locks. This Fuhr USA commercial lock is also easy to rekey and comes with a removable shackle option for high-security applications. The solid-body shield protects the locking mechanism from physical attacks and the cylinder is extremely resistant to lock tools.


    5) Von Duprin 81 Series

    The 81 Series from Von Duprin features a unique design that makes it very pickproof and bumps proof. It uses a pin and tumbler system and comes with solid steel bolts for maximum security. The cam has several set screws that hold it firmly in place and prevent it from being tampered with.


    6) ASSA Twin Cam

    ASSA Twin Cam has a unique design that makes it very pickproof and bumps proof. The key can only be inserted one way, so users never have to worry about the lock rotating when they turn the knob or handle. This commercial lock is often used to secure storage or warehouse facilities.


    7) Ilco Unican KD150 Commercial Lock

    The KD 150 commercial lock from Ilco Unican is extremely pickproof due to its unique key design. It uses a pin and tumbler system that extends the life of the product and makes it very strong against penetration attacks. This commercial lock has a very unique style that makes it stand out.


    8) Yale Assure Lock

    Yale’s Assure™ Commercial locks are UL Listed to the highest standards for security and durability. This allows them to be used in many high-end applications where security is paramount. The dual locking mechanism on each of these heavy-duty commercial locks gives them an extremely high resistance to physical attacks. They also come with the option of either a thumb turn or keyed cylinder for added convenience and can be used in both right-handed or left-handed configurations.


    9) Paul Werk 60 Degree Euro Profile

    The Paul Werk 60 Degree Euro Profile comes with thick pins that offer maximum resistance to physical attacks. It has a low profile that makes it ideal for use on double doors and comes with 40 different keys for added convenience. The construction is also weather-resistant, so the commercial lock is protected from moisture damage.


    10) Yale High-Security Titan

    The Titan™ Commercial Lock from Yale provides extreme security in a compact size. This commercial lock is ideal for use with high-value shipments or cargo storage. It comes with a unique key design that makes it extremely difficult to pick or bump. The Titan™ Commercial Lock can also be ordered with an automatic deadbolt option for added convenience.


    11) Yale X-10 Authorised User Control Deadbolt

    This smart lock from Yale gives users the ability to give employees, family members, and visitors a code that they can use to enter the building at any time.

    It features a Fingerprint Resistant Black Chromate Finish with a 2-3/8 in. backset and comes with two keys.


    12) Weiser Smart Keypad

    A Best Seller on Amazon, this Weiser lock features a digital keypad that allows users to enter a preset code. It also includes an accessible emergency key for quick entry and adds the security of patented Bump Guard technology to protect against bumping attacks. The Weiser smart lock is a Best Seller on Amazon with a 4-star rating from over 200 buyers.


    13) Medeco Biaxial Cylindrical

    The Medeco biaxial cylinder is a great way to add additional security to your doors. It features the patented key in both directions and has an option for a smart key.


    14) Schlage Encode with Camelot Trim

    This high-security pin tumbler lock is a best seller on Amazon with over 150 reviews. It features an adjustable backset and comes in either 2-3/8 or 2-3/4in.


    15) Schlage Everest C123 Lever

    This entry-level lever lock is perfect for budget security, coming in at only $30.00. It is easy to install and features a secure cylinder.


    16) Schlage Everest C110

    Similar to the C123, yet slightly more advanced with an adjustable latch and longer bolt.


    17) ASSA ABLOY Entrance Pivot Set

    This low-cost pivot set is perfect for entry-level security. The all-metal construction adds additional durability against corrosion, and the internal components can’t be reached to tamper with.


    18) Baldwin Hardware Suite

    This is a great set for anyone looking for additional security. The suite comes with inside and outside levers, keyed locks, and handles.


    19) Key In Knob Single Cylinder

    This high-security lock features reinforced steel housing and the ability to adjust the latch, making it perfect for exterior or interior doors.


    20) Schlage BiLevel 619 Knob

    A budget pick with a smooth face knob that is ADA approved. It features interchangeable core technology and has added strikes to protect against kick-in attacks.


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